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Foot massage
(Thai reflexology)

What is reflexology (foot massage and foot massage)? What is reflexology? REFLEXOLOGY is a combination of REFLEX and ~ OLOGY. Reflexology is based on the idea that the entire human body is displayed on the sole of the foot in a reduced size, and by stimulating areas called `` reflection areas '' corresponding to each organ and organ on the sole, It is an operation that can activate the organ. There are various theories about the origin of reflexology, but it is believed that it has developed in Egypt, China and India, respectively. Modern reflexology originates in the West and is famous for its “Taiwan style” and “English style”.

In Pusayam

The reflexology of Phusayam is similar to the Taiwanese style of using instruments depending on the finger joints and the places where pressure is applied, but we are not trying to give a strong stimulus blindly, but we are trying to provide a pleasant stimulus. The Thai style reflexology takes time not only on the soles but also on the insteps, calves, and knees, so blood flow is greatly improved, and overall stress and fatigue recovery and blood flow We can expect improvement. At Phusayam, we use natural jojoba oil, which is non-greasy and does not cause skin problems for most people, combined with traditional Thai herbal ointment.

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