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About herb balls

Traditional Thai massage, which is performed slowly, should be performed over the entire body for about 2 hours. A few minutes of quick massage may be enough to partially relieve muscle fatigue, but traditional Thai massage requires a long and slow whole body treatment over a long time like this It is characterized by


The flow of Thai traditional massage, which focuses on the legs, starts from the feet, then gradually goes down to the calves, thighs, and groin. Traditional Thai massage with energy

About herb balls

We experienced various herbal treatments in Phu Sayam Herbal Massage Thailand, India and Japan.
There are many ways to do this, some with a herbal ball that just touches and feels like a hard stone, and some with the fragrance of the herbs being too tight and the goodness of the herbal balls halved.
At Pusayam, the herbal mixture is blended and carefully steamed to make the herb balls as firm as the palm feel.
And using the whole surface of the herb ball, rolling and pressing with rolling, it is a mysterious feeling as if you are massaging with your palm. I work to the parasympathetic nerve to the maximum with stable rhythm and pressure and feel a deep relaxed feeling.
The effect of herbal ball massage Herbal ball has many effects, such as “warming fragrance, beautiful skin, relieving tension, relieving constipation, promoting internal organs function…”, but the highest effect is “hot moxibustion effect”.
It is said that various disorders such as low back pain, stiff shoulders, headache, constipation and menstrual pain occur like a chain reaction, such as "Chilling is the cause of all illness."
In addition, women are particularly cold, and in the Yin-Yang theory, they have a "Yin" cold constitution, so they have to warm up enough.
Herb balls are warmed not only from the surface of the body, but also from the core of the body, and feel as if you are in a hot spring.
A very gentle treatment for your heart and body.

Synergy of Herbal Balls and Treatments Pousayam uses synergies to incorporate them into all courses.
Depending on the physical condition at that time, we incorporate herbal balls into other treatment courses. First, gently warm your stiff and tense body to improve circulation and loosen it.

Each herb and herb has a wonderful effect. The herbs and herbs of Phusayam have been carefully selected according to the female constitution.


[Main effects]
・ Improvement of coldness…

The warmth of the herb penetrates deep and warms

·relax …

Weakness with fragrance and warmness

・ Aroma effect…

Relaxation effect by fragrance

・ Detox effect…

Tension is relaxed, promoting blood circulation, lymph, and qi flow

・ Beautiful skin effect…

Gives gloss to the skin with the effect of herbs and improves blood color by heating

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