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Aroma oil massage

Aroma oil massage is an aroma oil massage performed only in luxury esthetics in Japan. Using a small amount of oil as lubricant, this massage can relax muscles deeper than traditional Thai massage using palms and fingers. The unique feeling of security that comes into direct contact with the practitioner is the beauty of oil massage, but adding an aroma oil to it also has a beautiful skin effect that allows the components of the balm to penetrate the body, and a further relaxation effect due to the aroma. Aroma oil massage is said to improve blood circulation, relieve stress, and balance the autonomic nervous system and hormones. In Europe and the United States, aroma oil massage is widely used in psychosomatic medicine and hospice. It is a massage that you should try by all means.

At Pusayam, we use original massage oils that are based on carefully selected natural jojoba oil, which is non-greasy and does not cause problems for most people. Oil massage takes a prolonged prone time, but we offer prone pads etc. so that you can receive the treatment with an easy system.

In Pusayam

Aroma oil massage

Because it is a completely private treatment room, those who are new to oil massage can receive the treatment with confidence.

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